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Serene Center

1215 East 4th Street
Long Beach

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Centre Description

Serene Center is a continued care transitional sober living community for recovering alcoholics and recovering addicts in early recovery that wish to transition into a fulfilling lifestyle without cravings for addictive substances. We help people help themselves to a better quality of life through certified therapy, education, and balanced center living guidance.

Long Beach California

Serene Center

Serene Center facilities are warm, inviting and secure. The 24 hour staff is trained and respectful, and is accustomed to the special needs of early recovery alcoholics and early recovery addicts. The Members are a fellowship welcoming all newcomers with open arms. The unique design of Serene Center creates tremendous opportunity for the recovering alcoholic and addict who is committed to a healthy sober lifestyle.


The struggle with substance abuse, depression, anxiety, relationships, anger and guilt are difficult. Assistance is available through guided therapeutic approaches and cognitive behavioral therapy performed at a certified Serene Center counseling office.

The goal of therapy is to translate the patient's challenges into a comprehensible and workable whole. The patient and therapist are able to work together to build clarity, guidance and problem solving skills in order to permanently change behaviors and thinking processes.

Counseling benefits the alcoholic and addict as well as the family of the alcholoic and addict. The family is a critical part of the recovery process. Often family members also benefit from counseling to deal with their own depression, anxiety and guilt.

Counseling is conducted as a private session, or as a family conjoin session. Sessions are always confidential.

Serene Center counseling services are pending certification by the California Alcohol & Drug Programs and are staffed by certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors.


Non-Member Counseling Rates are $150.00 for 1 hour.
Member and Member's Family Counseling Rates are $112.50 for 1 hour.
Member and Family Conjoin Family Counseling Rates are $170.00 for 1 hour.
(1 hour is split into 45 minutes counseling, 15 minutes charting)

Overview Of Our Services

Serene Center provides the following privileges and services for Resident Members:

Comfortable, attractive, convenient, modern and functional living space
.Private bedroom and bathroom with shared living room, kitchen
.Shared bedroom and bathroom with shared living room, kitchen
.Subscription television
.High speed filtered internet access
.Personal storage and personal safes
.Luxury bed linens and bath linens
.Quiet space themed for spiritual contemplation
.Gardens with contemplation areas for water, earth, sky, etc.
.Meditation Center

Community space for activities, meetings, and fellowship
.Configurable seating
.Rest rooms

.BOWFLEX strength training equipment
.Precor treadmill equipment
.NordicTrac cycling equipment

Computer Lab
.Equipped with modern DELL computers networked
.Connected to high speed filtered internet access

Monitoring of Members with drug testing and verbal screening
.Members are urine analysis tested every three days
.Relapse Intervention Plan available in case of a positive drug test result

Housekeeping once per month
.Dust, clean, change bed linens, vacuum, safety review
.Additional housekeeping services available
.Laundry services available

SerenityLog.com sober lifestyle interactive website subscription
.Monitor and assist with recovery
.Personal log
.Interactive calendar and personal schedule
.Daily inspirations and meditations

Fellowship activities designed to create a spiritual bonding among Members
.Field trips
.Family BBQ
.Fellowship breakfast
.Movie night
.Sing along

Weekly personal counseling session
.Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor, certification pending therapy by the State

Weekly group process session
.Facilitated by Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor, certification pending therapy by the State

Weekly family education
.Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor, certification pending therapy by the State

Available discounted counseling services in addition to the above

Healthy life skills group instruction
.Meditation skills
.Effective communication
.Budgeting and finance
.Home economics

Career development services
.Resume writing
.Interviewing skills
.Job searching

.Print and fax services

Available religious services
.Neighborhood churches in immediate area

Available Self-Help meeting
.Alcoholics Anonymous
.Narcotics Anonymous
.SMART Recovery

Please follow the website button above for the Serene Center webpage. Also you can use the e,mail button to ask Serene Center any questions directly.