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268 - 270 High Street
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Centre Description

The Sanctum was founded as a sober living community in October 2009. The project was spearheaded by two recovered addicts who recognised that treatment has to go further than beating addiction and into full resettlement into work and society.

Whether it is alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, depression, legal highs, performance related substances or just a habit that affects you and the loved ones around you, then we have a way out.

It matters that treatment goes beyond simply getting 'clean'. Staying clean, re-building your life and your relationships with family and friends takes more. It means you have to learn how to live amongst your family and friends with confidence. And your family and friends need to have confidence too. They need to know, see and believe that your recovery is sustainable; that you, and they, have all the support you need to keep you moving forward.

Our unique strength is how we follow on from detox to through-care; how we enable people to address the issues that have taken them into addiction and give them the skills to cope, long term. Our unique access to a back-to-work scheme, which is offered to all suitable clients at the end of their programme, completes the circle of beating addiction and re-building lives.

We give people who suffer from addiction the most cost-effective, comprehensive rehabilitation, reintegration and resettlement programme in the country.

The Sanctum delivers a medically supervised detox, all-inclusive Primary programme, one-to-one counselling, holistic therapies, innovative art therapies and more, provided in comfortable surroundings.

Our care is life-long and included in our costs. We have a very high success rate.

About Sanctum

At Sanctum, we believe that every individual has the intrinsic ability to arrest their addiction provided they are presented with the right environment and conditions.

Sanctum addiction specialists provide residential day treatment to people whose lives have been affected by drugs and alcohol. We offer a safe and supportive environment for those who aim to be free of all mind or mood altering substances and destructive behaviours, providing them with the opportunity to reclaim their lives.

We provide Primary, Secondary and Tertiary care with a final and unique stage in which we assist our Service Users to find work through our relationship with the Mears Group. This last element is the key to lasting change and a brighter future – One which is not provided by any other treatment provider in the UK.

Sanctum offer treatment for:

•Alcohol addiction
•Drug addiction
•Anxiety and depression
•Dual diagnosis/Co-occuring disorders
•Gambling addiction
•Disorders of eating
•Sex addiction

Sanctum provide an excellent quality of care within its treatment facilities which are situated in the London Borough of Hillingdon. Our location affords family members, significant others, and caring professionals the accessibility to visit us without the inconvenience of travelling long distances. There is also extensive parking in Uxbridge Town centre.

Our facilities are accessible by all transport links, in particular the A40, M4 and M25. Tube links for London Underground are located in the town centre, accessible by the Metropolitan and Picadilly lines. We are only a short drive from West Drayton overground station, which is not far from Heathrow International Airport.

At Sanctum, our Counselling team, who are accredited by BACP and FDAP, as well as our fully trained support team do not just treat the symptoms of addiction and alcoholism. We believe in addressing the underlying issues that cause or exacerbate lifelong patterns of self-destructive behaviour. Some of these are lack of confidence, low self worth, co-dependency, loss and grief, unhealthy relationships, and attachment issues. Our approach enables our Service Users to develop and maintain healthy relationships, increase their confidence and self worth, and learn alternative coping strategies.

We offer high quality spacious accommodation with large community rooms, comfortable sofas, computers with internet access and free parking facilities for family and friends.

Sanctum is registered compliant with up to date quality standards of performance and employment - DANOS (Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards), and FDAP (The Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals).

Sanctum Treatment

The Sanctum approach to the lasting treatment of addiction is the result of the personal experiences of the founders. Aware that there are many facilities offering various forms of treatment, but with low success rates, the founders designed a system which goes well beyond detoxification into full rehabilitation, resettlement and reintegration. The 3R process encompasses our use of a wide range of therapeutic interventions to address our Service Users needs and access to employment and training opportunities.

Our approach is based on the 12 Step philosophy in conjunction with other evidence based interventions tailored to make our treatment effective and affordable.

Sanctum Costs

Drug or alcohol addiction is likely to have already had a negative financial impact on your life. For us, making effective help affordable is central to our philosophy.

A free detoxification programme is offered when Service Users access our Primary treatment programme and all clients get one year's free Aftercare post-treatment.

The Sanctum Personal Development Centre and 'Sober Living' Housing offer an excellent quality of care, meeting all the clinical governance standards set out in the Care Quality Commission's guidelines.

Our prices include the costs of our comprehensive assessments, one-to-one counselling, alternative/holistic therapies, group work, family and couples therapy, lectures, assignments, yoga, tai chi, nutritional workshops and life skills groups.

We are able to offer either 4, 8 or 12 week Primary treatment programmes, a Secondary treatment programme, Tertiary care and one years free Aftercare post-treatment while taking into account each individuals financial situation. The cost for a stand-alone 'detox' is £3000 (subject to availability).

For information on the specific cost of each aspect of our treatment programmes, please do not hesitate to use the contact information above