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O'Neill Valley Hope

1421 N. 10th St.
(402) 336-0008

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Centre Description

O’Neill Valley Hope has offered alcohol abuse and drug treatment services in north-central Nebraska since 1977. Our 76-bed facility is located 40 miles from the South Dakota border on Highway 281, and 110 miles north of Grand Island. O’Neill Valley Hope’s rural setting is not only picturesque but also allows those from  urban areas to get away from the environment where they have been active in their addiction, which can be a positive aspect for the beginning of one’s recovery journey.

We offer a variety of treatment options to patients ages 16+ including medically monitored detoxification, residential and partial/day, continuing care and family treatment. Treatment programming is seven days per week and includes a psycho-educational and 12 Step lecture, individual and small group counseling, spiritual counseling, and opportunities to attend 12 Step meetings. Treatment is highly individualized, as is our length of stay. Patients work with their individual counselor to develop a continuing care plan so that they continue to receive the treatment and support they need, long after leaving the residential treatment center.

Valley Hope has always recognized the importance of family involvement in the process of recovery. O’Neill Valley Hope offers family programming during the week and on the weekends. Tuesdays and Thursdays offer additional programming designed specifically for family members. We also offer online family treatment which is a great resource for those family members that want to be involved but may not be able to travel.

For our younger patient population, youth group is held twice a week and is a setting for discussion of issues more prevalent to the 16+ age group.  Scheduling adjustments for those currently in school are considered on an individual basis so that educational goals outside of treatment can be maintained.

O’Neill Valley Hope values the continued relationship with its alumni and highly encourages those who have been through treatment to return for monthly Renewal Days held the first Friday of each month.  Renewal Days offer current patients the opportunity to connect with alumni – a valuable support in early recovery, as well as the chance for alumni to retain their connection with Valley Hope.  Annual alumni activities include a motorcycle ride the first Saturday of June and a golf tournament held in conjuncture with the Annual Reunion held each August.