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Nova Vida Recovery

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Centre Description

Nova Vida Recovery Centre is a private English language speaking Clinic near Quarteira. The treatment programme is entirely in English and all medical, clinical and administrative staff use English as their first language.

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The Centre is situated conveniently close to Faro airport and is set in beautiful gardens which offer peace and tranquillity in an environment conducive to the recovery process away from the hustle and bustle.

The Residence is modern, spacious, comfortable and offers quality surroundings. It has a large swimming pool, recreational areas and quiet lounge. It is the perfect environment in which to continue the therapy with peers and to work on the individual assignments set as part of the programme.

Recreation and outside activities are an important aspect of treatment at Nova Vida. We offer a number of individual and group based activities including visits to the gym (with a personal trainer), Challenge course, Equine therapy, Tai Chi and other holistic therapies. The local beaches offer the opportunity for gentle walks in serene surroundings.

Nova Vida

Dependency on alcohol, drugs or behaviours such as gambling, sex or an eating disorder can be treated. You or your loved one can get help and we at Nova Vida believe that our expertise and experience can guide you through the recovery process.

We offer a highly effective alternative to the traditional conveyor belt treatment within the addictions recovery system. From start to finish our aim is to ensure you have a smooth and unique experience. You will benefit from a state-of-the-art treatment that works, is tried and tested, and individualised to suit you. You will be treated with respect and dignity but live within necessary boundaries to provide you with safety.

All our addiction therapists are qualified to a minimum of post graduate level and all the holistic therapists have an appropriate qualification and accreditation.

We truly offer you a unique, personalised experience into recovery. We can do this because we are small, dedicated and experienced. We know and remember your name; you are not just a number or a label. We value the individual.

We understand the many underlying issues that fuel addiction: trauma, abuse, burnout, low self esteem, anxiety, loss or grief. We understand the despair, the frustration, the anger and the pain that addiction brings. Our web site is designed to take you through the process of recovery, to give you more information on the illness of addiction and its many manifestations.

Nova Vida means New Life. Our goal is to put you on that road. We will go the extra mile if you will.


Nova Vida provides you with quiet time away from the stress and distractions of modern day living. This time is used for reflection, contemplation, meditation and reconsideration of life goals and dreams, essential for creating a new life. A period of time away from the substance, behaviour or trigger is also essential.

Your anticipated length of stay is 32 days. On admission, professional assessments are carried out to determine the best pathway and level of care for you and an individualised treatment plan is devised specifically to address your needs. Clinical assessment and reassessment continues throughout your stay as part of this on-going treatment plan.

Miracle on 34th Street is a 1947 Christmas film about a department store Santa Claus who steers parents to other department stores to buy goods rather than to buy them in his store. ‘Kris Kringle’ does this because he recognises that other stores have a better buy or because his own store doesn’t sell the goods. What has this got to do with addiction treatment?

We are not Santa Claus nor are we selling goods but we do recognise what we are good at, what we can’t do and where it would be best to go if we can’t help. The Clinical Team at Nova Vida prides itself on its philosophy of only treating those patients we know we have the skills and experience to deal with. Onward referral to other facilities is not often but we do sometimes recommend this and if we do, we are with you all of the way in the planning of the referral.

We have built up excellent relationships with some of the best treatment facilities in the world and whilst we think we are up there with them in many aspects of treatment as a small facility we cannot be experts in all aspects of emotional health. To say we were would be dishonest of us.

Please be aware there is never any referral fee or commission paid to Nova Vida or any individual employed by us. We make the recommendation solely based on clinical need. Our reward is in seeing a patient getting well. 



The therapy programme is certainly the most important aspect of treatment. If it doesn’t work the risks to the patients are high. Addiction is a killer illness and the programme is the treatment against the illness

We will, of course, push you, stretch you, confront you, challenge you but we do so because we care enough about you to want to see you well and free from the shackles that brought you to us. We put down boundaries which you may find restrictive but only because we care.
You won’t be free to do what you want but you will be free to be part of your recovery.

Research over many years has shown that Group therapy, rather than individual therapy alone, has the most success in the treatment of addictive disorders. There is a minimum of 35 hours group based therapy a week spread over 7 days which follows a solid research based approach. Group therapy occurs as the first group of the day every day. What follows that is dictated by the patient group and individual’s needs and not by a printed programme which bears no relevance to where the patient group or individual are in their recovery process.

Every morning before the therapy day begins the Clinical Team assesses what is happening with the Group and makes a first plan of what lectures, workshops, experiential and holistic groups will take place that day. Following group therapy the Clinical Team meet again and make changes depending on what has come up during the therapy group. The programme is geared entirely to the individual within the patient group but contains all the researched, proven elements of a successful programme. You can’t do this when you have 20 patients in a group or a large Clinical Team. You can do if you have a small group of maximum 10 and a small dedicated Clinical Team who are willing to go the extra mile.

Within the Group we also recognise that the patient/client is an individual within his own peer group. And whilst sharing with others the therapy and psycho-educational aspects of treatment for addiction when it comes to the individual work, looking at the underlying issues, there is no one size fits all. We don’t use a therapy book asking you to fill in the answers. We don’t use other people’s material. All of our assignments have been written by us based on our experience and reviewed and amended constantly to meet the changing needs of our patients; you can find 8 people working in 8 different individual assignments depending on their needs. The groups are tailored to fit the group’s needs and the assignment work is tailored to fit the individual’s needs.

Nova Vida’s Clinical Team is dedicated to go the extra mile if you are willing to go with them. 12 step treatment does not need to be stereotyped to be effective but it is very effective in bringing together all the other elements that make recovery successful.

After-care facilities have been established on the Algarve, in London and the Netherlands to help sustain recovery at home. Aftercare is an essential part of treatment and in response to the importance we give it after-care is available free-of-charge for Life for those who have completed the programme.

Secondary Care -Recovery in Reality

For many graduates of a primary care programme the prospect of 3 – 4 months further treatment in a 2nd stage centre can be a daunting. Full residential 2nd stage treatment is not always necessary but an extended period of day care would enhance the prospect of a good outcome. For residents of the Algarve and for those who can arrange their own accommodation, Nova Vida offers an extended care programme which integrates our Relapse Prevention Programme, which includes Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) and individual counselling whilst experiencing the reality of living with family and the community.

For a few of our patients it is impossible to take a month out of a busy life and its responsibilities. This often leads to unsuccessful attempts to address the problem without formal treatment leading to continuing problems. Nova Vida Recovery Centre recognises these difficulties and has designed programmes to help busy people address a life threatening illness.

One option is the combination of a two week stay at our residential centre followed by continuing support and therapy in the home environment. Our ‘Designed 4 You’ programme often costs no more than the cost of the full residential programme and has the advantage of addressing real problems in real time.

The first two weeks in residential care are essential and are effectively non-negotiable. They offer the opportunity for thorough medical, psychiatric and psychological assessments, medical detoxification if required, grounding in the recovery process and intensive therapy. Whilst we are willing to work with you on the timing of the 2nd outpatient stage of the programme it is essential the commitment is made to keep to the agreed timings. Full details are available from our website or from the Clinical Team.

Executive Burnout

We live in stressful times and if we are not careful we start to use alcohol or even drugs excessively in order to cope. There is the danger of a breakdown or Burnout. But what is Burnout?

We all have stress in our lives. It is part of everyday life. It helps drive us forward, keeps us on our toes and helps us meet our aims/objectives in life. It is when we allow it to become too much that the problems start. Burn out is the result of physical and mental exhaustion brought on by working too long hours, for too long, under too much pressure.

When the fuse blows and the lights go out it is too late and only a period of rest and recuperation with therapeutic help will help you get back on your feet again.

Our residential therapy programme for Executive Burnout is designed to help you recover from the effects of Burn out, address the issues of ‘self medication’ with alcohol or drugs and to give you the tools and strategies in order to be able to cope with stressful situations in the future.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention is a vital part of the treatment of addictions. At Nova Vida Recovery Centre we believe that our patients are intelligent enough to understand and know what to do in case of relapse they are able to cut short the using cycle and get back on track.

But unfortunately addiction is a relapsing illness. Although many people enjoy uninterrupted sobriety, others relapse. There are many reasons for this including difficulties in high risk situations, struggles coping with difficult situations, urges and cravings and every case is different. You cannot label everybody the same. For this reason Nova Vida does not blindly put patients who have completed a 12 Step Programme within the previous 12 months back on the same track, to repeat the same work, some of which is probably still fresh in their minds.

The Nova Vida Relapse Prevention Programme is a purpose written programme for individuals who have relapsed which includes detoxification if necessary, a review of the work done in treatment before the relapse and a series of individual assignments designed to look at the triggers, thoughts, feelings and behaviours behind the relapse and how to do things differently in the future.

For those whose home environment is riddled with triggers and who can commit to a full 32 day treatment episode, Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) Therapy is included in the programme. This therapy has proven to be of immense help for those who struggle to remain clean and sober. This unique therapy is research based and dovetails neatly into the rest of the relapse programme. As far as we are aware, Nova Vida is the only treatment programme in Europe which has a licensed therapist to deliver this therapy.

Family Programme

Addiction has long been known as a family illness with usually 3 or 4 family members being affected by the problem. Often the affect is dismissed as “It’s not my problem” or the consequences are not felt until the patient is safely in treatment and the strength that kept the family together dissolves with the relief that the problem has been removed. This equally applies to close friends and work mates who have refrained from distancing themselves because of a sense of loyalty or friendship.

Nova Vida Recovery Centre aims to provide a safe, structured and supportive environment in which family members, friends or colleagues, can acquire the necessary strategies and skills to understand the nature of addiction and learn how they can move forward in their own lives as well as support their loved one, friend or colleague in their journey of recovery.

The Family programme is an important aspect of the work we do and patients are strongly encouraged to involve family members in their treatment journey. We know that treating an individual within the context of the family considerably enhances the outcome. We also encourage close friends or work colleagues to be part of the treatment but this is usually separate from the family members

We are committed to supporting the family as well as the patient through their journey of recovery and we are always available to offer that support after the final discharge from the residential part of treatment. We are never more than a phone call away.


Nova Vida is located 20 minutes from the main airport at Faro, which is well served by daily flights from all the major European cities and Nova Vida staff will be at the airport to greet all new patients and bring them safely to the Clinic. The airports at Lisbon and Seville are only 2 hours away and again Nova Vida staff will meet patients at these airports to avoid any need to arrange transfers.

Communication by road is excellent with the main East-West motorway only 10 minutes away. Additionally, Loule mainline railway station is 5 minutes drive from the Clinic and is served by all express trains from Lisbon to the Algarve.

Please follow the website button above for further information. Also you can use the e,mail button to ask any questions directly