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Ledgehill Treatment

7608 Hwy 201
RR # 1 Lawrencetown
Nova Scotia
Annapolis County
B0S 1M0
Toll Free 1 800 676 3393

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Centre Description

Ledgehill is situated in a beautiful rural setting, with total privacy and nature at its finest. We are just one flight away from many Canadian, US and international cities. It is the ideal place for addiction recovery.

The Ledgehill Facility

Hidden away in one of world’s truly pristine locations in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada, (see map), we have 111 acres of meadows, rolling hills, panoramic views, magnificent flower gardens and ponds surrounded by old maple trees. We have all the necessary ingredients for recovery and treatment for drug, alcohol and sexual addictions. The quiet of evening is disturbed only by the cry from a passing owl or the wind gently blowing through the rustling poplars.

Other Activities 
During their stay, clients have the opportunity to be involved in many activities. Besides an equipped exercise room, we schedule light hikes around the scenic routes of the Bay of Fundy. Walk and listen to the tide come and go on Cape Sand beach, canoe down the beautiful Annapolis River, star gaze around our open fire in the evening, work in the garden with our experienced gardener, snow shoe or cross-country right at our facility or spend quite reflection time by our ponds or the 300 year old Destiny Tree.


High quality addiction treatment in Nova Scotia's only private rehab centre 

At Ledgehill Recovery and Treatment Centre, we help you take that first step to reclaim your life from drug addiction, gambling addiction and alcoholism. The road to addiction recovery takes courage. You don't have to see the whole road... just the first step.

We know that the most important decision you will make in your life is to take that first step towards recovery. Our naturally beautiful facility is set in 110 acres, with well appointed private bedrooms and nutritious, delicious meals. The diverse and holistic treatment program is administered by committed professionals, and provides the setting to begin to collect the pieces of your life's puzzle and take the journey to recovery.

All our treatment and recovery programs include:
• Alcohol addiction
• Drug addiction
• Gambling addiction.

Through a program of abstinence and a change in lifestyle, people and families have the capacity to recover from addiction. We are committed to best practices and feel this can only be done through evidence based research. We believe that this exploration will give us the tools to develop the best procedures for our clients. Our residential treatment program for drug, alcohol and gambling addictions, provides an opportunity for those suffering with addictions to immerse themselves in an intensive therapeutic and supportive environment. 

We are very mindful that recovery is a continuing process and therefore at Ledgehill, aftercare is an ongoing process; read below to find out more.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Imaging science and other research has led to a new understanding that addiction is a brain disease. We know there are many facets to addiction; drugs, alcohol, gambling and so on, and that one size doesn't fit all. We treat the whole person using the most effective addiction therapies available.

At our world-class international treatment facility, using a multidisciplinary approach we provide the best evidence-based practices, while remaining "12-step friendly".

Our guiding principles are:
To ensure our client's good health
To ensure long term recovery for our clients
To treat all of the needs of our clients
To establish community that will ensure life-long recovery.

Residential Treatment Programs 
All of our addiction treatment programs are residential. We offer initial core programs of 28 days, 42 days and 56 days. We also include two 3 day residential aftercare workshops that can be attended over a year-long period after the completion of the primary residential program.

Intake Requirements
The client is required to be drug and alcohol free for at least 7 days prior to arriving at Ledgehill. If this is not possible, we have a detox centre available locally. (Please note that clients from outside of Canada will need to pay for this service.)

Other Programs
Aftercare workshop “Sober but Stuck” is a 3-day workshop for recovering addicts that focuses on the next step: taking your life to the next level. It is a retreat for recovering addicts that will help you to develop new coping skills and healthier alternatives.

Family Program

Family members' involvement in treatment and recovery increases your chances for a successful, long-term recovery. Family members require special attention as they deal with their own emotions, and seek to understand what has happened to their addicted loved one and the family as a whole.

Ledgehill's Family Program is designed to promote the well-being of those who live with an addicted person. We create a safe environment within which participants can identify and experience insight into ways of coping with addiction and relationships. 

During the family program participants will experience: 
Group discussions on addiction treatment and recovery
Presentations by clinical staff
Lectures by experts in their fields
Support and understanding from other participants 
Personal reading and reflection

The Family Program is included in the cost of the Primary Program. Participants are invited to join clients and other families for lunch.

Ledgehill's balanced approach to addiction treatment & recovery


Through group meetings and one-on-one therapy, the client can change destructive behaviors and thoughts by developing personal awareness. 

Physical. Healing of the body plays a major role in recovery. Addiction not only changes the mind but affects the body. At Ledgehill we provide you with the tools to feel well again, and stay well. Our dietitian will guide you to better overall eating habits; our nutritious delicious meals will put your body on the road to health and healing. Ledgehill offers not only a fully equipped exercise room, but the outdoor activities of gardening, 110 acres of fields and meadows, hikes around the Bay of Fundy and canoeing down the Annapolis River. All this is supervised by our experienced fitness instructor.

Emotional. Ledgehill offers you many private spaces both indoors and outdoors to have those quiet moments during your recovery. This is not about religion, but healing of the heart and spirit, through a variety of processes, such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, music therapy, art therapy, First Nations traditions and journal writing. Our staff will help you to reconnect to your spirit. Our beautiful natural surroundings will teach you stillness. Through this silence comes great healing.

Family Program. Drug, alcohol or sexual addiction impacts not only the individual, but families, workplaces and communities. Healing the family is just as important as healing the client. For this reason we invite family members to join us for a support day to provide healing and growth to the entire family. Click here for more information and a PDF registration form.

Continuing Care. The Road to Recovery is about bridging the gap from addictions to sobriety. We believe that aftercare is the key to a successful lasting recovery. The first three to six months following treatment can be a very vulnerable time. At Ledgehill we understand the need of assistance in adjusting to your day-to-day life. Consequently, our continuing care services are designed to help monitor your emotional health, and to support your commitment to lifestyle changes.

The Next Step

Sober but Stuck
You can attend regular residential workshops at Ledgehill over a period of a year to help build on the progress that you have made during your core treatment program. This program is designed for those in recovery who want to go deeper, to discover issues and feelings that may be inhibiting their desire to be fully alive. We will explore the next step in recovery and find ways to experience, as the Big Book says, "A life beyond our wildest dreams".

Addiction aftercare programs 

The road to addiction recovery bridges the gap from addictions to sobriety. The first three to six months following treatment can be a very vulnerable time, so aftercare is the key to a successful lasting recovery.

At Ledgehill Treatment and Recovery Centre we understand the need for assistance in adjusting to your day-to-day life. Consequently, our continuing care services are designed to help monitor your emotional health, and to remind you of your commitment to lifestyle changes. 

Before the end of the program, a counsellor will set up a schedule for weekly telephone calls for up to six months, and connect you with communities such as AA, NA, and a list of recovery coaches and therapists who will help strengthen your future focus. 

Addiction aftercare

Sober but Stuck
Taking Your Life To The Next Level 

For those who are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, developing and implementing new coping skills and healthy alternatives to using can at times be fearful and frustrating. 

In this three day residential workshop, the focus will be on building new pieces of your life that help keep you free from addiction. Just as the alcoholic once turned to alcohol for a transformative experience, they must now look to the process of recovery for inner peace and comradeship. We will identify and explore your undesirable behaviours, character traits and stuck points.

If you've been struggling with having more joy and meaning in your life, this may very well be the catalyst that unleashes the greatness you know is inside you, waiting to burst forth.

The workshop is designed to help participants renew their commitment to addiction recovery. This program is designed explicitly for those in recovery who want to go deeper, and discover issues and feelings that may be inhibiting their desire to be fully alive. We will explore the next step in recovery and find ways to experience, as the Big Book says, "A life beyond our wildest dreams". This workshop is an ongoing part of the Ledgehill Treatment and Recovery Centre aftercare process. 

The program is open to alumni who have come through a minimum 28 day core addiction treatment program at Ledgehill, and to anyone who is in recovery and wishing to take their life to the next level.

Workshop description Beginning on Thursday night with dinner, we will build a loving and supportive community of peers. Starting with an oath of confidentiality, we will engage in a highly experiential process as we develop the trust and support that will enable you to do your own personal work. 

This is not a workshop of lectures and PowerPoint presentations; it is a process designed for you to look deeply into your own future and focus on the life that is trying to emerge through you. Participants will engage in personal story telling, and the exploration of what is needed to take their life to the next level. This is not a silver bullet. This is deep personal work that will open you up to your potential, and allow you to engage perhaps for the first time in a deep and meaningful way with yourself, your family and your career. 

The focus will be on personal empowerment, through the practice of intentional loving and open spaces created in community, in which individuals can learn to express themselves with integrity, creativity and passion. This is a process of unblocking your unexpressed feelings of anger, fear and grief. It is through this process that you can reclaim your joy, your passion, and full meaning in your daily life. Using a variety of techniques including guided fantasy, primal therapy, role-play, gestalt and bioenergetics, you will learn to transform your repressed emotions so that your passion for life may be fully realized.

Who can attend
Alumni of Ledgehill’s core residential program, and anyone who has been in recovery for at least three months

For further information on Fees Admissions, Staff and the Ledgehill Facility, please follow the above website button or use the email button to ask Ledgehill any questions directly