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Island View Utah USA

2650 West 2700 South

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Centre Description

Youth Treatment Center While all residents benefit from the previously described services, contingent on the individualized treatment plan of each resident, he or she may participate in any combination of additional clinical therapeutic services. Youth who struggle with chemical abuse, or who have experienced significant loss, been exposed to traumatic events, have particular difficulty interacting with the opposite sex, or have issues related to adoption have unique needs.
These specialty groups meet weekly and are facilitated by therapists with masters or doctoral degrees. All groups employ a variety of clinical interventions. Group composition is open-ended, allowing for residents to move between one or more groups while at Island View. These specialty groups include:

Island View

Chemical Abuse/Dependency Group: Many adolescents use chemicals for a variety of reasons that may include self-medication, recreational usage, peer pressure, defiance, and others. Many of the Island View residents are not chemically addicted in the clinical sense but are psychologically dependent. Residents identified through a thorough assessment process are enrolled in the chemical dependency track, where an experienced, certified addiction counselor provides weekly or biweekly groups and biweekly individual sessions depending upon resident need. A multi-model approach incorporating the 12-step recovery process, cognitive restructuring and relapse prevention planning is utilized along with regular family involvement. A weekly on-campus AA meeting is also provided.

Grief and Loss Group: This group deals with unresolved grief by youth who may have lost a loved one, experienced a highly contentious family break-up or other such events that have had a significant impact.

Art Therapy: Using various mediums, art therapy is primarily offered to youth who may be “therapeutically stuck” in terms of expressing feelings or connecting with others.

Adoption Group: A wide array of issues are addressed in this coeducational group. Questions related to birth parents, self worth, sibling rivalry, identity, etc. are covered in an interactive format.

Emotional Regulation Group: Residents who struggle to handle intense emotions are helped to develop increased awareness of underlying issues propelling feelings such as anger or anxiety and then to proactively deal with them.

Men’s Issues Group: Utilizing a variety of intervention techniques including experiential education, this group provides a forum where sensitive issues related to past abuse and confusion over the male roles in life are addressed.

Women’s Issues Group: Much like the men’s issues group, this group is designed for young women struggling to define themselves as well as understand traumatic issues they may have experienced.

Coed Group: Sexual stereotypes, relationships, cooperative play, appropriate dating, and other social issues are part of the Coed Group that prepares youth who will soon leave Island View to lead a better young adult life.

Social Skills Group:This group is designed to assist residents who struggle to read and respond effectively to social cues when interacting in a variety of settings. Residents learn how to be more effective in relationships and with their own self advocacy and emotional expression.

About Us

Much like the human body requires a balanced diet that draws from the basic food groups, so does a troubled adolescent require a carefully selected assortment of services and interventions in order to make desired changes.

In the past, less restrictive approaches may have rendered few or no results for adolescents requiring residentially based care. Often, this is due to the inability to utilize all the necessary treatment elements and apply them in a choreographed manner.

At Island View, we make it our business to use all the critical ingredients, not just a few, to combine the best recipe for success:

A therapeutic, positive peer environment
Individual, group and family therapy
Activity and Recreation Services
Other support services

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