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Healing Wings

258 Blyfstanboschspruit
South Africa
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Centre Description

To restore within an individual, the capacity to make informed life decisions which are not dictated by circumstance, addiction or compulsion.


Aims & Objectives

•To provide an environment conducive to assisting and facilitating substance abusers who willingly commit and submit themselves to a holistic form of recovering.

•Focus on developing and maintaining an addiction-free lifestyle through the provision, facilitation and upholding of effective treatment protocols.

•To develop life skills, self-esteem and routine, by involving participants in various groups designed to encourage and stimulate emotional and spiritual growth.

•To encourage and develop individual gifts, skills and talents while preparing participants to re-enter society and the open job market.

•To help uplift the local community through the sharing of basic skills and primary healthcare, while supporting sustainable economic development in the region.

•To encourage and institute the participation of parents/families/care givers in the recovery process involving integration of the treatment programme and ultimate reintegration into the family and society.

Celebrate Recovery

The Healing Wings 6 month programme is structured to cover a spectrum of topics conducive to the recovery process. These topics are divided into bimonthly themes which are comprised of numerous lectures, groups and interactive discussion sessions. In conjunction with these themes, residents work through the Celebrate Recovery (CR) Programme. CR consists of teachings, lessons and questions which encourage residents to investigate negative behavioral and thought patterns and to find constructive alternatives. All CR work done culminates in a facilitated weekly group in which the lessons are explored and questions discussed.

12 Steps Principle

In addition to CR, residents work individually on their personal step work. Based on the AA 12 steps, residents work through each step and its spiritual principle. Weekly meetings are conducted between residents and their step work counsellor in order to discuss areas of struggle or concern and to discuss any step work related queries the resident may have.

Family Programme

Healing Wings South Africa facilitates a family programme for families/care givers of residents. Families/caregivers are encouraged to participate and assist in the process of the residents recovery programme. The following resources are put into place for families/caregivers to maintain involvement for the duration of the residents programme and to assist in the reintegration of the resident into the family and society:

•A routine for regular telephone calls between the family/caregiver and the resident is established.

•Other correspondence with the resident is encouraged, including emails and letters

•Regular telephonic contact between the family/caregiver and the residents individual counsellor.

•Thorough progress reports on the completion of each 3 month programme will be sent to the family/caregiver.

•Families/caregivers are encouraged to visit the resident at Healing Wings.

All visits to be confirmed with management beforehand. There is a guesthouse on the property and we facilitate a family integration programme in which the resident and the family will meet with the residents individual counsellor.

•Weekend breaks for the resident, off Healing Wings Premises – earned on merit.

•Holidays away/home for the resident with his/her family/caregiver
are arranged. Holidays are for a recommended time period, with the appropriate and necessary accountability contract set-up.

Mamana Mudada

The district of Mudada is one of the poorest in Mozambique and for many people life is purely centered around survival. Women and children are the worst affected and with AIDS on the increase, their quality of life is threatened all the more. In 2008 Healing Wings established a programme through which we determined to make a difference in these women’s lives. In stead of simply handing out charity we have taught these ladies how to utilise their cultural abilities and talents to affect a positive change in their circumstances and give themselves hope for the future. The ultimate goal for Mamana Mudada is for our workers to reach the point where they are capable of facilitating each individual segment of the project, be it product development, workshop management, or finances. Our workshop managers are both becoming more efficient and effective as each new challenge is met with a willingness to learn and overcome. Rather than looking to us for solutions, they are beginning to apply their own individual creativity, often coming up with inspired problem solving ideas.

Clay and Glass bead project

A new addition to the creative process on the Healing Wings Mozambique premises, is the glass bead project. Our aim is to incorporate the produce of this project into the jewellery that is currently being manufactured by the ladies of Mamana Mudada. The project is in its early stages of development and some beautiful earthen ware has already been produced. We are excited about this venture and look forward to what we envision as a glorious collaboration between the two manufacturing processes.

Mininos Mudada

The family structure is an important element in the development of a child. In order to support and emphasise the importance of family, Healing Wings has always encouraged its staff members to bring their children and babies with them to the workplace. In light of our other projects, however, this eventually became problematic as workers would lose focus whilst tending to their children. This initiated the birth of Mininos Mudada – Healing Wings’ school. We have a dedicated team consisting of two care givers who feed, bath and dress the children as well as keep them out of mischief, and a teacher who is constantly imparting new skills and knowledge. Mininos Mudada is currently frequented by approximately 30 children from the surrounding community as well as the village of Bela Vista. They have a playground with swings, a jungle gym and a trampoline and are being exposed to a level and quality of learning that is more advanced than anything they would have experienced had it not been for this amazing venture.

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