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Haderech Center - Israel Rehab

Nes-Amim Village
Western Galilee

(+972) 4 982 8810

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Centre Description

Israel drug rehabilitation facility Haderech Addiction Treatment Center is based upon the disease concept, a model which accepts that dependency on mood altering chemicals is a chronic, progressive disease, that in the absence of effective treatment is fatal. There are five basic addictions: chemical (drugs, alcohol and/or pills), food, gambling, work and sex. Addiction is not seen as a moral issue; just as a diabetic is treated and not blamed, so should the addict be treated.

Our purpose is to use the skills of our professional staff to create a structured therapeutic rehabilitation program. We are the first and only licensed 12 step facility in Israel and the Middle East.

Haderech treats groups of recovering patients for periods up to eight months.

The patients develop sound living habits and participate in an intensive program of individual and group therapy which equips them with tools to succeed upon reentry into their home community. While in the program, they receive excellent medical treatment (including a psychiatrist). There are also extramural activities which include cycling, art, drama, yoga, etc. We have an extensive women program (include dual diagnosis for women).

The average day of the participant begins at 6:00 am and ends at 10:00 pm.

The day combines work in the community and individual and group therapy sessions, as well as 12 step theory and practice.

The Program
The Plan
Principles: The treatment will be for at least 3 months up to 8 months in the framework of the community at Nes-Ammim. At the end of the program, the patients will move to "protected residence" in the framework of health system (like a half-way house) outside of the therapeutic community.

In program: There will be an effort to integrate the women residents into the regular treatment that demands personal and group responsibilities, changing patterns of behavior and thinking, and achieving control on life and drug use.

At the same time we understand and are aware of the specific needs of this particular population. Therefore, professional care will be provide for the delicate balance between the specific needs and the regular program.

The center will give a suitable response to this population at the area of mental health and guidance for leading a "normal" daily life. And will treat the women as a part of the group and separated at the same time.

Stages of the Treatment
A) The first stage (acceptance) is for one month. This stage is meant for adjustment and acceptance; to help the new comer to get to know the rules of the "house" and to recognize the difficulties (emotional, mental, behavioral) and work on the first step. The women will live together with the other women. The new resident will received a "Big Sister" (older resident). This sister reports daily by writing about the condition and progress of the new comer.

B) Second stage for 5 months - The main purpose at this stage is confrontation - dealing with emotional exposure at group treatment, interaction with others, accepting responsibilities and jobs at the house. Working at step 2 and 3 (at the 12-step-program).

C) Third stage for 2 months - This stage dealing with plans for the future. Going out for visits with the family and starting to confronting and cope with reality. Working outside the community and finding a framework for continuing treatment. Starting to separate from the community. Working on steps 4 - 5.

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