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Fields Transitional Living

Theobald Street
0845 463 7610

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Centre Description

Your Health is Our Priority
Fields Transitional Living is a unique final stage programme in the addiction treatment continuum of care, offering individuals that have completed primary treatment with essential life skills training, recovery enhancements, relapse prevention techniques and holistic treatments that promote wellbeing and healthy lifestyle choices.

Welcome to Fields Transitional Living

Our residence is located in the leafy London suburb of Radlett and offers luxurious accommodation, tastefully appointed

Fields offers more than just a safe place to live. In addition to the safety of an abstinent house, we provide assistance with 12 step work through unique 12 step workshop programme that is facilitated in-house, daily practice of 12 step principles, meditations and reflections, access to holistic treatments including yoga and no-hands massage, healthy eating and nutritional guidance, relapse prevention and coping skills workshops, access to outside therapies, career advice and volunteer work.

All in all, Fields offers a sanctuary of comfort, style, elegance and recovery.

» 12 Step Instruction
» Daily Meditation and Reflection
» Holistic Treatments including Pilates, Massage and Yoga
» Nutritional Guidance
» Life Skills Training
» Relapse Prevention Techniques
» Family System Integration
» Equine assisted Therapy
» Day and Night staff
» Personal Treatment Plans
» Professional Chefs
» Complimentary Gym Membership
» In-House and Local Self-Help Meetings
» Random Breath Testing and Drug Screening
» Total Abstinence Policy
» Medication Management
» Access to Outpatient Services

About Fields Transitional Living

Our Mission

The healthy start to your recovery
One of the most important decisions in your recovery process is to choose a place to transition and reintegrate back into your life after completing primary care treatment and before returning home. Fields Transitional Living offers the most inspirational environment combined with a comprehensive support system that will facilitate this fragile and critical transition. We will help you create and implement your recovery plan and strengthen the foundation that is necessary on your path to joy and wellness in a safe, luxurious and nurturing environment. While at Fields you will be confident and secure in the knowledge that you will be supported in fortifying your success in health, happiness and sobriety.

About Fields

Fields Transitional Living has been designed to provide a unique recovery experience as the final stage in the continuum of addiction treatment and care. We are not a therapeutic service (although we do provide access the third party therapists and services) but a holistic programme that combines the safety of an abstinent based 'sober house' with various services that promote a new lifestyle of sobriety and wellbeing.

Our bespoke transitional programme provides clients that are newly in their recovery journey with the living and coping skills that are necessary to stay happy and free from addiction long after they return home.

Our team is multidisciplinary, empathic and all in recovery! We believe that our professionalism and personal life experiences of recovery from addiction is unmatched in tertiary care.

Our Services

A New Design for Living

Fields Transitional Living is a step down from primary/ secondary addiction treatment - we are not a therapeutic service but concentrate on the transition between treatment and returning home by focusing on life-skills, wellbeing, coping skills and relapse prevention using a variation of holistic treatments and interventions.

At Fields, we understand that no two clients are the same; that each person is unique and presents unique circumstances and challenges. We consider our programme to be flexible and adaptable so that client and programme can move forward in tandem, treating the whole person - mind, body and spirit:


Fields utilises a 12 step approach to all of our services - the cornerstones of our community are built around self-awareness and discovery, group participation, trust and responsibility.

During your stay with Fields, you will engage in a holistic programme that is designed to help you transition from the chaos of addiction to a life of serenity, peace and wellbeing. We provide 12 step instruction and facilitation through our unique 12 step work guide, which is completed by all clients throughout their recovery journey with Fields.


We believe that physical recovery is a vital component of the entire recovery journey - Fields provides weekly no-hands massage, yoga, complimentary gym membership, access to horse riding and much more. We place an emphasis on healthy eating and balanced nutrition by providing a qualified chef to prepare evening meals and give advice to our clients on food preparation.


As addiction is a 'disease of the spirit' we offer a spiritual programme that is non-denominational, based on the principles of the Alcoholics Anonymous programme of recovery. All clients are expected to attend a minimum of four 12 step meetings per week (including one in house meeting), actively engage with a sponsor and participate in our unique 12 step work guide. All clients are required to practice the spiritual principles of the programme including:

» Honesty
» Open mindedness
» Willingness
» Selflessness
» Courage & Faith

We wish to provide a community that is responsible to one another and as such, encourage all clients to provide support to one another. We may have different backgrounds and personal circumstances, but in recovery, we are all the same.

Our Residence

Affording Every Luxury

More than just safety
With stunning views over the Hertfordshire countryside, your accommodation at Fields Transitional living will be a serene haven where you can relax and reflect.

Luxuriously appointed, professionally designed and affording every comfort of home (and more) we provide you with:

» Private bedrooms with en-suite facilities
» Large flat screen TVs in every room
» Stunning views over the Hertfordshire countryside, set in one acre of private land
» Wireless high-speed internet
» Weekly 'no-hands' massage
» Complimentary gym membership
» Maid service and laundry facilities
» Transportation to and from therapeutic services and 12 step meetings
» Evening meal prepared by qualified chef
» Drug/ breath testing and 24 hour staff
» Case management

All of our bedrooms offer the amenities listed above, plus additional features for your complete comfort. Convenient outdoor areas with comfortable lounge chairs are perfect for relaxing, reading and absorbing the beauty of your surroundings.

All bedrooms have a double or king size bed, dressing table and some rooms have an en-suite bathroom. The main suite includes a dressing area and luxury bathroom, which is available at a premium.

Please follow the website button above for further information. Also you can use the email button to contact Fields Transitional Living directly