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Duffys Napa Valley

3076 Myrtledale Road

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Centre Description

Our founder Gene Duffy was passionate about helping others find freedom from addiction. Forty seven years later, his legacy still lives on and his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren operate Duffy’s with the same passion. We have helped thousands before, and we would count it a privilege to help you.

We take care of the family.

Gene began Duffy’s Rehab as “A family business for a family problem.” As a rehab run by the Duffy family today, we understand what the family is going through, and we tailor our curriculum to meet the needs of the family during the treatment process. In addition tofamily visiting days on Saturday, we offer familycounseling sessions between you and your loved one.


We have a friendly, homelike atmosphere.

There is nothing clinical or sterile about Duffy’s. As part of our family-based philosophy, we believe in creating a comforting atmosphere with home-cooked food, friendly staff, and beautiful groundsto help you heal physically as well as mentally. Ourschedule and rules provide a good balance of independence and structure, and we allow cell phones, personal laptops and family visits within a designated time.


We are dedicated to clinical excellence.

Duffy’s is licensed and accredited by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, and our qualified panel of professional staff provides excellent clinical care that comes from the heart. Moreoever, we have been successful: since our founding, Duffy’s has helped over 36,000 guests find recovery through our residential and intensive outpatient program.


We offer affordable prices for quality care.

Rehab is an investment into your life, and we keep our rates as affordable as possible while maintaining quality care. Duffy’s provides a competitive range ofprices for residential rehab in Northern California. We also accept insurance and offer excellentfinancing options.


We developed our own unique curriculum.

We embrace the abstinence recovery model and build our program to equip you with the life skills for lasting sobriety. Our treatment plan includes a strong educational curriculum based on the 12 Step Program, private counseling, relapse prevention series, art therapy, and an exit strategy to prepare for life after rehab.


Our aftercare program keeps you connected after rehab.

Recovery is a long-term process, and Duffy’s offers 90 days of intensive 1-on-1 sober support and a year of free follow-up sessions with any residential program of 30 days or longer. When you come into Duffy’s, you become part of our family, and we provide many means to ensure that you stay connected to us throughout the rest of your life.



We provide safe and comfortable detox on-site.

We provide on-site, supervised detox tailored to support you emotionally and physically as you're detoxing. We'll work with your doctor and monitor you around-the-clock to ensure your safety.



We do all the insurance work.

Duffy’s accepts all insurance companies with out-of-network benefits (PPO). We verify the benefits, file the claim and follow-up, so you never have to check back with the insurance company.




Our serene environment promotes healing.

The rolling landscape of Napa Valley provides a calm and restorative atmosphere for physical and spiritual healing. Our structured schedule allows ample time for relaxation, and guests can find peace among the backdrop of mountains and geysers of this historic hot springs resort.