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Broadway Lodge Alcohol Rehabilitation
Broadway Lodge alcohol rehabilitation

Broadway Lodge

Totterdown Lane Off Oldmixon Road
Weston Super Mare
BS24 9NN
01934 815515

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Centre Description

Broadway Lodge is a private residential rehabilitation centre that treats alcoholism, drug abuse and many other addictions. It consists of a Mansion House offering Primary Care and other adjacent houses offering Detoxification, Secondary Care and a Recovery Centre all set in private grounds on the outskirts of Weston Super Mare.

Broadway Lodge is a non profit making organisation and registered charity providing residential treatment, counselling and support services for alcoholism, drug addiction, Gaming, Gambling, Internet Video, eating disorders and self harming both to individual sufferers and concerned others.

Established in 1974, Broadway Lodge celebrates 40 years of delivering successful addiction treatment and has helped over 11,000 people throughout the UK and from abroad to establish a quality recovery and live a more fulfilled life. As the first in this country to provide treatment based on the Minnesota Model, the organisation has had more experience that any other agency in the country at working with this effective programme.

In acknowledgement for having one of the best completion rates and highest standards of professional care, in 2006 the Broadway Lodge programme was the first to be accredited by the European Association for the Treatment of Addiction (EATA) of which it was a founder member and in 2013 was also awarded the UK Specialist Care Provider of the Year.

Broadway Lodge

Addictions treated:

Drug Addiction
Eating Disorders
Internet Video Gaming
Eating Disorders
Self Harming
Club Drugs/Legal Highs

The goal is to help people from self-defeating patterns of behaviour and replace them with new and more productive ones. In all cases clients will be encouraged to challenge thinking and attitudes adopted to perpetuate active addiction and at the same time supported in the development of new ways of dealing with life experiences and associated emotions.


The medical team at Broadway Lodge have developed effective detoxification regimes and are skilled and experienced in their delivery. The length of time required for detoxification can vary depending on the individuals needs and the treatment is provided in a purpose built unit of ten beds set within the grounds of Broadway.

In support of medical aspects of detoxification, the treatment programme offers 24 hour medical care, a range of complimentary therapies and group activities such as Tai-Chi, stress management and relaxation sessions. Individual and group therapy are also core components of he programme with counselling and individual assignments tailor-made to meet personal needs and Relapse Prevention a key topic for exploration.

Primary Care

Primary Care is a 33 bed unit for clients seeking an abstinence-based recovery from active addiction. In progress towards a quality recovery, clients will work through the first five steps of the AA/NA programme and with a range of issues that are specific.

During treatment clients work with a focal counsellor who will meet them on most days during the first week and regularly thereafter for the duration of the treatment. At the beginning patient and counsellor will establish a care plan to tailor the treatment to the patients needs and to identify specific goals. The Primary Care treatment programme consists of Individual Counselling, group therapy, lectures, workshops, educational DVDs, assignments, Therapeutic activities and films and fellowship meetings.

Family and friends are encouraged, where appropriate, to be involved in the patients recovery process as these relationships may be central to the quality and availability of post-treatment support.

Secondary Care

Secondary Care at Broadway consists of five houses to accommodate residents and caters for both men and women. The unit is staffed by counsellors experienced in the Broadway treatment and recovery model, as well as being trained and experienced in a range of other therapeutic approaches. The treatment in Secondary Care aims to continue the work of the 12 steps abstinence based programme and will integrate all necessary and available skills to ensure a comprehensive, yet individualised treatment programme for all clients.

The length of the Secondary Care programme will vary depending upon needs but is based on a 12 week structure and aims to support the development of social, life and recovery skills required to maintain a quality recovery.

Recovery Centre

The Recovery Centre at Broadway Lodge is a stand alone facility in the grounds and the Centre delivers non-residential services in support of the acquisition and maintenance of recovery from addiction. With the 12 steps at its core, a range of Aftercare, Day Care and advice, information and education sessions are made available on a daily/weekly basis.

Broadway Lodge also offers

* Third Stage Housing – this is the opportunity for extended period of support following residential treatment which will help clients to adjust and re-integrate into the community living.
* Family and Recovery Renewal Programmes
* Company Packages and support

Ashcroft House

A new acquisition for Broadway Lodge, a 11 bed Women Only unit in Cardiff, South Wales offering residential Primary Care.

Wrington Lodge

Another new acquisition for Broadway Lodge, a 11 bed Male Only unit in Wrington, North Somerset offering residential Primary Care.

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