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Aventa Alberta Canada
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Aventa Alberta Canada

610-25 Avenue S.W.
(403) 245-9050

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Centre Description

Aventa is a respected leader in the field of addiction treatment for women. Our programs work. Roughly 99% of clients report abstinence or improvement, with two-thirds reporting abstinence in the first three months after treatment. 

So how does Aventa do it? We develop programs based on the concept that addiction is a holistic illness and requires change in four specific areas: physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. Through treatment, education and support, we offer women with addictions the opportunity for a healthy life and a new direction. 

At least 65% of clients at Aventa have both addiction and mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Depression can often kill the will to live and disconnect the inner strength that would make it possible to fight their addictions. So, when we treat the addiction, we must also treat underlying health issues. 

It is important to remember that many women with addictions have specific needs that make other treatment programs less effective. A traumatic background of violence or abuse is sadly common, in which case a mixed gender environment could interfere with successful outcomes. When women turn to us, they are in great need of a place that is just for them. A place of safety, hope, insight and information.