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Ontario Alwood Youth Treatment Canada

Alwood Treatment Centre

1986 Scotch Corners Rd
Carleton Place
K7C 3P1
(613) 257-2813

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Centre Description

Alwood has been providing addiction treatment for youth since 1981. Alwood is a 14 bed treatment centre (8 male and 6 female). Alwood is located in a rural setting about 1/2 hour west of Ottawa. Alwood is a 100% smoke free program. Our team of qualified, professional staff have many years of counselling experience. We offer commitment, dedication and hope to youth with substance abuse issues, within a safe and supportive environment.

Addiction Youth Treatment Ontario Canada 

Program Description

Alwood Treatment Centre provides substance abuse treatment for youth (male & female) ages 16 - 22, through an intensive four month residential program. The program utilizes a strength based, non-judgmental approach respecting diversity.

Our mission is to assist youth with substance abuse issues in achieving their goal of abstinence and developing a healthy lifestyle. This is achieved through a program designed to: 

prepare youth to return to the community as healthy substance free individuals by assisting them in developing a recovery plan that includes appropriate coping skills, self esteem building, life management training and reduction of high risk behaviours 
promote healthy family lifestyles and relationships by assisting families in dealing with the impact of the substance abuse and helping them develop coping strategies and strengthen communication patterns 
provide prevention and education to youth and the community as to the consequences of substance abuse, and familiarize them with community resources.

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