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Chesa Alta
Chemin des Palettes 14
+41 (0)26 924 21 21

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Centre Description

We believe in your 


A better life without dependency

Experience has proved that rehabilitation is crucial to the recovery process. At Alpine Horizon, we believe that a lasting recovery from dependency stems from a perfect balance of body and mind. This is why we have developed tailor-made programs with leading professionals to give you a clear and positive outlook on life without dependency.


Your personal history and needs are the basis of our treatment programs, adopted from internationally renowned methods to treat dependency.

Our holistic approach uses only the best evidence based modalities including;

  • CBT
  • 12 step facilitation
  • EMDR
  • Alpha Stem
  • Mindfulness
  • Addiction counselling
  • Motivational interviewing

During your stay you will take part in both group and individual therapy sessions lead by highly skilled professionals from our clinical staff. If you do not want to participate in group sessions individual programs can be tailor made for you.

Alpine Horizon’s complementary therapies add to your well-being. They are an essential part of your recovery and are provided in two areas :

  • Alternative therapies, such as meditation, reflexology, acupuncture, art therapy and homeopathy.
  • Wellness activities, including sports programs tailor-made to your needs (cycling, walking, swimming), yoga, golf, guided tours to discover the natural surroundings and the sunrises and sunsets.

Family members are often essential to support our clients’ healing system. This is why we encourage them to take part in our Family Program, where meetings with psychoanalysts and individual sessions shed light on their role in the patient’s recovery.


At Alpine Horizon, we believe that nature can help you get a clearer perspective on life.

Healing through nature is a central part of our recovery program. Find a positive outlook, contemplate the extraordinary alpine surroundings, feel the joys of living in the present, without concern about the past or future. You will discover once again what is truly essential to you.

Our professional Alpine guides will take you to new heights and you’ll discover why birds sing. Hike to a summit with a picnic on the way, walk onto a ridge to enjoy the horizon and the unforgetable Swiss sunsets. Enjoy your newfound strength on your mountainbike, refresh your spirits by wakeboarding, sailing and canoeing and feel in harmony with yourself through golf and archery.


Our team of prominent Swiss doctors, together with our professional staff, will do the utmost to help you become a more balanced version of yourself.

You’ll be counselled by Alpine Horizon’s therapeutic team, bringing together psychoanalysts, counsellors, psychologists, acupuncture and reflexology therapists, yoga, meditation and sports instructors and experts in nutrition and homeopathy. Your recovery is our priority and these professionals will actively take part in the development of your Lasting Support Program, assuring that you have the assets and guidelines to get back to the life you are looking for.


We believe that a high standard of service is key to having a peaceful state of mind. You will experience a truly comfortable stay at our facilities, through the commitment of our highly trained staff and the exceptional amenities of our chalet, close to the world renowned ski station of Gstaad. We offer private transportation to and from the nearby airport, such as personal helicopters and limousines.


The location of Alpine Horizon is ideal. It is only 10 minutes from a private airport, yet it benefits from the beautiful Gstaad countryside with breathtaking views of the surrounding Alpine setting. From our chalet, you’ll enjoy contemplating the majestic Rubli, the iconic mountain overlooking Gstaad.


Essential to our philosophy is a complete respect for and protection of your individuality and personal history. You will be provided with a secure environment and guaranteed the ultimate in discretion during your stay. In addition, you can request a private villa or chalet and individual treatment, if you do not wish to participate in group sessions.

Please follow the website button above for further information. Also you can use the e-mail button to ask Alpine Horizon any questions directly.