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Act Of Grace Christian Rehab

25 St Patricks Road
South Africa

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Centre Description

We provide an excellent out-patient programme for Substance Abusers and Addicts, primarily who have a good, positive support infrastructure who is working or who are at school and therefore unable to attend in-patient treatment. We also provide resourceful individual counselling therapy especially for dual diagnosis clients via our specialist Addiction Practitioners and Counsellors who are extremely knowledgeable in dual diagnoses of Depression & Addiction, Schitsophrenia & Addiction and Bi-Polar & Addiction as well as other mental health problems. They are empathic, confidential and supportive. ACT - NOW

Place Of Grace

Place of Grace is our faith-based, community Addiction Recovery Centre from whence we operate our out-patient Addiction Recovery Programme. Situated at centrally for the Durban South Community, at the hall of Life-in-Christ ministries, at 310 Bluff Road, BLUFF. 

Out Patient

It is an informal but respectful and a conducive venue from whence to operate and find recovery. Our out-patient programme is for clients who have a solid base of support either, family, non-using friends, employers, and schools as well as places of worship. If you do not have a solid support structure, we would in your screening interview, refer you to an in-patient treatment centre, until ours is established or refer you to one of our Addiction Practitioners for Individual therapy. 


We would also refer you to individual therapy if you fell into a dual diagnosis category which is one of our specialisations when you suffer from more than one of the following conditions, Depression, Bi-Polar, or Scitzophrenia AND Addiction or Substance Abuse (illicit substances and/or alcohol). We provide Dilectical Therapy Groups, Cognative Behavioral Therapy, integrated Consequences groups as we operate with the 12 steps as a parallel therapy. 


Educational, Medical and Awareness lectures are provided as are Skills training; Life- and Coping Skills, which are then practised in regular Occupational therapy groups. Individual counselling is provided weekly, as is family counselling an imperative. We also sometimes facilitate mediation between members of the community who the addict may have harmed in one way or another and the Addict and his/her family so as to come to conclusions whereby criminal charges are withdrawn where possible unil the state commences operations of specific Drug Courts for which we are currently lobbying and advocating since these are the norm world-wide and the standard as set out by the United Nations, of whom we are members. 

About Us

Our Non Profit Company, Act of Grace 145; registration number (2011/002204/08) under Section 21, of 71 of the 2008 new Companies Act; was established in order to assist those who are in need and who form part of our community especially focusing on the Durban South Basin and surrounds. We have several divisions to assist community and society alike; from our divisional Needs' Analysis based Alms charity, Harvesting Seeds; through to our para-legal service, Thin Red Line; Inc.QUB8, our SMME incubator; Life Essentials, our Post Matric Life- & other skills based GAP year; Global Green, Environmental initiative; & others. We are registered members of the United Nations' ECOSOC division and we are presently focusing on Place of Grace Addiction Recovery Programme, which has led to several Substance (licit and illicit) advocacy campaigns to facilitate affordable community rehabilitation, targeting Business, Industry & Government for the establishment of Drug courts, funding & support in advocacy, awareness and treatment. Harsher Sentencing for Suppliers and Treatment options for offenders under the influence through Drug Courts, as well as the creation of Forums to re-address the pandemic of Substance Abuse & Addiction i.e. ACT-Addiction Can be Treated!

Contact Sean on 031 467 3209 or 0761675575 for more information.