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The Linwood Group

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The Linwood Group runs three unique new treatment centres across the UK and the only centres which focus solely on treating alcohol dependence. Its approach has cut the cost of residential recovery by more than half. A fourth centre is due to open in the West Midlands in late spring 2008.

Despite the dramatic price difference, treatment at the Linwood Group's detox and rehab centres is amongst the best in the country. As well as being fully-qualified, its therapists and counsellors are some of the most highly trained in the UK. Many are either in recovery themselves or have first-hand experience of alcoholism through family members.

The Linwood Group approach is based upon treating alcoholism as an illness and examining the symptoms and causes behind the illness as well as helping patients to stop drinking. 

It also understands that a flexible approach is required to take account of people's busy lifestyles - many cannot justify taking four weeks off for treatment. The Linwood Group will create an individually-tailored programme for each and everyone of their patients.

Therapy is based on the 12 Step Programme, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodrama, art therapy, person- centred counselling and neuro-linguistic programming.

To find out more, visit www.lynwodemanor.co.uk or call the Linwood Group advice line on 0800 066 4173