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Residential Treatment Centers in Canada

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Canada has become a melting pot of tourists from overseas as well as within the country looking for reclusive, exclusive and well-designed drug, alcohol and other substance abuse centers. 
From alcohol drug rehab centers that deal with all addictions to drug rehab centers or alcohol rehab centers that deal purely with one form of alcoholism or addiction. Eating disorder treatment is recommended at Eating disorder treatment centers specifically as this form of treatment is recognized as needing eating disorder treatment specialist counselling for successful ongoing recovery. The Canadian Government takes its role of offering a safe haven to those troubled with different kinds of addictions very seriously. This has led to the mushrooming of Canada drug rehabs both alcohol rehab centers and drug rehab centers specific. Both private and state run, which offer a wide variety of programs and drug rehabilitation treatment centers in terms of medical and holistic treatment. 

The National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP) a Health Canada, federal department initiative run by the state looks into the running of a large number of residential treatment centers, alcohol treatment centers and alcohol drug rehabilitation centers within the country. An approximate 54 treatment centers, with a capacity of 700 patients are overseen by this body. It is the endeavor of these Canada drug rehabs to reduce the level of drug abuse among the people of this country while providing rehabilitation to outsiders too via this cross section of residential drug alcohol treatment centers.

Today the country boasts of more than 1,000 Canada drug rehabs or Canadian drug rehabilitation programs where alcoholism / addiction treatment is of excellent quality from the best possible drug rehabilitation programs on offer. Canada drug rehab centers include various treatment options where group discussion, family support groups, chemical free treatment, round the clock monitoring, etc are available. Canadian drug rehab centers or Canadian alcohol rehab centers also offer their patients the option of residential or out patient treatment facilities. 

The effectiveness of the treatment programs is dependent and centered around three key areas which are –
· prevention, 
· intervention 
· aftercare

The aim of most of the Canada drug rehabs are to increase awareness amongst the common public about the disastrous affects of drug and alcohol intake and how to lead a drug free life. As part of such prevention programs, the centers conduct public programs apart from making their clients realize the problem and how they should handle it. The effectiveness of such programs is enhanced by guest speakers who have been able maintain ongoing recovery from active addiction via self help meetings and following a spiritual program such as alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous. Introduction to such self help fellowships usually begins within the expectations of the drug alcohol rehab centers. 

Recognizing the importance of aftercare, most of the Canadian drug / alcohol rehabilitation centers provide case management studies to new clients which continues after the residential treatment is completed. This will include aftercare counselling and crisis intervention tips. 

Rehab clients are also provided with detox and medical referrals in order to help the recovery process successfully move through to total abstinence and ongoing recovery.