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12 Step Rehab Online

Welcome to online rehab treatment, the 12 step treatment program for those needing to do there rehab treatment from home.

12 Step Rehab Online
Some people are unable to relocate or go into residential treatment for whatever reason yet still know they need help with an addiction related issue. 
They can be unable to enter a UK rehab center at all or coming out of a detox facility, primary rehab programme or secondary residential rehab treatment center who want to continue with professional counselling help while continuing to go through the 12 Step Programme. 
This can also be for those who may have relapsed and wish to connect with a professional counsellor while getting back on track.

Why Online
Residential rehabilitation is obviously the most productive and successful form of addiction treatment but it does not mean that help should not be available if you cannot access a UK rehab center for your addiction / alcoholism related problem.
Online rehab / counselling may sound crazy to some people and the most natural progression of addiction help / treatment to others. 
There are many family members and loved one’s who also need help while trying to be supportive through this process. Some people suffering with addiction related problems are not in a position to enter a rehab center for any period of time let alone a 3 months minimum period.

Who is this for

Examples could be those in high pressured work environments, single parents in fear of there children’s welfare while in a rehab center or simply those that don’t want to reveal information of an addiction as it may threaten there lively hood, home security or employment opportunities. 
Would someone with a disability admit an addiction problem and enter a rehab program, knowing the added issues of relocating for ongoing support once the rehab center treatment had finished.

Not everyone needing help can or wants to relocate to a different part of the country for there rehabilitation and not everyone wants to be under the threat of homelessness (being discharged) for acting out on a behaviour that they are paying to receive treatment for. How does this lead to finding a solution when all it actually does is add to the ever increasing problem which most alcohol / drug abusers believe that everyone else can stop but they cant.

Why It Works

If anyone entering into a programme has any chance for ongoing recovery then they need to be able to admit that there is a problem and they need help with the solution. Again I emphasise that residential at this time would be ideal, however once this admission has been made then the process of recovery can begin and the response to professional help has every possibility of being successful.
Our counsellors (male & female) all work within 12 Step rehabilitation field and are dedicated to making sure that anyone seeking help from addiction should be able to access the much needed help no matter what the setting.

What You Do

Our clients will commit to 2 telephone counselling sessions a week, agree to various written assignments to compliment the 12 step programme plus attend self help groups in the area they live. 
This can and will all take place while living at home and working towards a productive responsible future. The client will be helped to take a clear look at there addiction / alcoholism and supported to take responsibility for there recovery process. This gives the client a sense of ownership and responsibility, which further helps to begin building self-esteem issues needed for maintaining ongoing recovery.


This online service begins in early July and the various packages we will offer are to be displayed over the coming weeks. If you think this may be the sort of help you need or wish to discuss your options for telephone counselling then do use the contact details above. 

How Much

Fee's reflect our minimum overheads by being online and allowing those seeking professional help to be able to access it when most needed.

Please use the email button for further information on costs, packages etc