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Holistic Treatment Center in Central America

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New River Cove Belize

New River Cove is a 90 day addiction treatment facility located on 27 acres in the tropical beauty of Belize, Central America. With an experienced medical, counseling and recreational staff as well as an extensive fitness center including an indoor pool.

Mind Body & Spirit

New River Cove treats the Mind, Body and Spirit of those in need. Anchored in the recovery success of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and other 12-Step programs and intergraded with proven professional clinical activities, New River Cove adds a unique and exciting eco-recovery, adventure milieu. 

Holistic Strategies

Activities include horseback riding, kayaking, ropes course, meditation, yoga and other holistic strategies as well as excursions to Mayan Ruins, natural rainforest settings, and the Caribbean beach. There is no place quiet like New River Cove for helping people achieve and maintain recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction