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Drug Treatment Center

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Drug treatment center, for the sake of this article will also include drug rehabilitation centers & rehab. 

Is the term currently popular for residential treatment centers dealing with addiction or a dependency on any form of street, prescription, legal or illegal substance or drug. That’s a physical spiritual and mental dependance that needs a term in a rehab center to break the cycle long enough for any form of therapy to make sense let alone begin to work.

Residential Drug Detox

Residential treatment treats the nature of drug dependency: physical and psychological dependency. If you need help on entrance with the Physical dependency then you will be taken through a detoxification process and supported during the withdrawel process. Depending on the amounts of various substances used will depend on how long the drug detox or detoxification process will take. Obviously those using minimal levels of street drugs or having already reduced there intake will need less medication for withdrawal than those coming in still with a large tolerance level and still currently using high amounts of substances up to admission. Also the detox or detoxification process can last for weeks and even months depending on what sort of drugs have been abused by the addict.


Most residential drug rehabilitation centers use the total abstinence model constantly claiming this to be the most effective method for anyone with a substance abuse problem available. This has been developed from the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous which has been used for the succesfull rehabilitation of many a drug addict and alcoholic over the years.
One day at a time is encouraged plus the expectation of attendance at self help groups after the residential treatment period is finished. A change of people places and things also recieves attention when looking for possible relapse triggers that may take the drug addict back to old ways before they are even aware of it. At this time there is no evidence to support those with a history of dependance being able to maintain social drinking or using in a recreational manner after a period in drug treatment center. Those that continue with the total abstinence model and regularly attend self help groups can and often do continue with peer support to maintain ongoing recovery.

Drug Rehabilitation Centers

There are many types of detox, rehab or treatment now available from a sober house, day care center (outpatient), residential facility, gender specific and even some places for parents and children. 


Addiction treatment involves counselling and active involvement within the addict peer group and self help groups attended. It is almost impossible to monitor those that decide to go it alone as the nature of that decision itself moves them away from support groups and agencies involved in the recovery process. The fact that self help groups are growing more popular and appearing in almost every town or city nowadays suggest a growth in those attending and maintaining recovery after the rehabilitation process has begun.