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Drug Detox

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Alcohol Withdrawal

The majority of clients entering into a drink or drug detox program have usually been heavily drinking or using right up to the point of admission. Not always as a result of it still being something fun to do but more likely the thought of being clean and sober is terrible and terrifying. The thoughts of the alcohol withdrawal symptoms is bad enough and with these thoughts the client decides to make the most of there last binge and take as much as possible as a way of saying goodbye. 

This is another difference between the average person drinking and realizing they need to slow it down and an alcoholic needing to stop. The alcoholic thinks a final party is a must to say goodbye to the thing that is killing him (or her) and ruining the lives of those close to them. There is also a large difference between going cold turkey alone and entering a luxury rehab center for a doctor assisted detoxification program.


Prior to admission it would be wise to find out what sort or form of detox is going to be made available to you. The larger establishments are more likely to administer the drug detox in house while plenty of the smaller facilities have local doctors (GP’s) who come in on a daily basis to give out the medication and once they have left the premises that is it until tomorrow. Obviously this is monitored and the client is never at risk of danger but unfortunately cannot hear this and can be left in a state of anxiety imagining the worse. The Luxury drug detox centers do have doctors on call 24 hours a day and will happily cater to your every need as after all this is what you are paying such prices for. It would not be a luxury center for detoxification if this was not available.

Drug Abuse

Always ensure that a doctor is aware of any attempts cold turkey or to begin an alcohol withdrawal from any mind or mood altering substances as the dangers of going cold turkey alone are many, nausea, body-aches, insomnia, headaches, sweats, , restlessness, hallucinations and in the more extreme cases, convulsions. 

Should a non alcoholic or addict have a couple of the above symptoms then it would be straight off to the doctor for help, please don’t think I can do this alone and always ensure someone is aware of your intentions to withdrawal.

Detoxification or alcohol withdrawal is the first step on a very rewarding journey into a brand new way of life without the support of mind or mood altering substances. This journey away from drug abuse into sobriety is made much easier when travelled with others seeking the same changes as you, do contact your local self help groups if you decide to go ahead without a rehabilitation centers help. And if you do go ahead and enter a drug detox program then the expectations will no doubt guide you along this route to ongoing recovery.