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Alcohol & Drug Addiction

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Alcohol & Drug Addiction

“Thirty five percent of the world’s population is classified as having an addictive personality. These addictive people control two thirds of the world’s wealth”.

The make up of these addictive personalities is commonly found in people of notoriety, such as actors, artists, pop stars, professional sports people and the like. On the other end of the spectrum of the addictive nature is the controlling dominance of financiers, bankers, stockbrokers, and lawyers. Their addiction is channelled toward money, power, success and dominance of others in society. Two out of seven, (roughly ten percent of the population) of these will become addicted towards alcohol and drugs, it is simply in their nature.

Why? The dominant trait that drives these addictive personalities is emotion. Their lives are ruled by it, to the detriment of the sixty five percent of the “normal” people around them. They are dominant and strong willed personalities and often use alcohol and drugs, as a mood stabilizer to control and smooth out, the ripples of emotion in their daily lives. Eventually at some point their obsessive nature, will switch from what we know as their ability to be seen as the consummate professional, to alcohol or drugs.

Physical. It is well known that the addictive personality’s body functions are chemically different from most other people; they produce insufficient quantities of the enzymes necessary to break alcohol down effectively. This can have the affect of making this type of personality more susceptible to alcoholism and drug abuse.

The body can take between one and three years to recover from alcohol and drug abuse, even then there can be some damage that cannot be repaired. The liver is the only organ in the body that can to some degree, repair itself. When treatment begins the state of the body and mind is such that very little mental coordination can be achieved until the fog has lifted. This can take two to three weeks after alcohol and any detoxification has left the body. During this time the mind is not fully receptive to any new teachings given. There are some physical/alternative treatments that can speed the healing process that will make the mind more readily receptive and accept information quickly. Treatments such as Reiki, Crystal and Colour therapies can be affective and aid recovery. The faster the body heals the faster the mind becomes receptive to training.

Emotional. A series of lectures are delivered to help the patient understand about their alcoholism and drug abuse, why alcohol or drugs react differently with them and how they are built chemically different from “normal” people. These lectures are designed to help the patient come to terms with their addictive and emotional nature, what drives them and how to turn a destructive addictive personality, to a constructive lively member of society.

To a certain degree, because we are delving into the emotional nature of the patient some normality returns. A deeper understanding of their self will, and self centredness and the cause and affect this lack of morality through abuse has on those people around them, will create an awakening, giving the patient a far more moral fortitude than they have experienced before.

Most centres provide good care for the recovering alcoholic and addict, but very few offer a structured programme designed not only to recover from alcoholism, but to learn the ability to stay away from a drink or a drug one day at a time for the rest of their life.

Serenity House was founded by alcoholics and addicts specifically for alcoholics and drug abusers. Our clients are taught by trained counsellors who are recovered alcoholics and addicts themselves, who counsel and share their experience of how they stay clean and sober.

Our Treatment centre is a Holistic Recovery Retreat, managed by the owner a recovered alcoholic himself of some years sobriety, and his wife a Reiki Master. Combined together a full 12 Step Recovery programme, (most 12 step centres only treat as far as step four) with Holistic treatments such as Reiki and Chakra balancing, gives the patient the full mental and physical recovery necessary to lead a new life free from addiction.

The four week programme includes three weeks of lectures and study combined with holistic treatments and one week for further one to one counselling, in preparation for returning to society. 

Serenity House is situated on a very private small estate in the tranquil and picturesque heart of Andalusia, Southern Spain. It was chosen specifically to be away from population centres to give our clients the ability to start their recovery without distraction from every day life. For further information contact 956 127 371 and 690 731 212 (24 Hours)