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Alcohol & Drug Help at a Gay Rehab

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If you are in need of a lesbian, bisexual, transgender or gay rehab to deal with your drug or alcohol addiction then identification with others will probably be at the top of your priority list.

Gay Sober Housing

Gay treatment centers offer an intense and structured beginning for lesbians and gay men on there journey into ongoing recovery from active addiction. This can then continue onto maybe a gay Sober Living Home or Transitional living in a gay sober house community. A gay sober living home specifically offers a service for those coming out of a gay rehab programme and seeking further identification in a supportive environment. 

Rehab Centers

Rehabilitation programmes, addiction treatment centers or rehab centers can sometimes have focused programs for those with eating disorders, self harm, dual diagnosis and gender issues in addition to drug or alcohol addiction.

The lesbian bisexual transgender and gay member’s experience of the rehab community can be difficult if there is any homophobia, discrimination or prejudice in the rehab from other residents. This can have a very unhealthy affect on any work in preserving the clients already low self esteem plus cause a major block in the building of healthy relationships.

Most clients have turned drugs, alcohol, spending, crime, sex or gambling to deal with underlying feelings of shame, guilt etc. In a gay rehab the client will come to understand there powerlessness over such behaviour. Some clients in a lesbian or gay rehab may have not come out over there sexuality yet and can be further struggling with shame issues around sharing this with family members. Add this to the already difficult task of dealing with issues around addiction and the need for identification is magnified.

Ask Questions

When contacting treatment facilities do ask if they have a specific programme for gay or lesbian clients plus what is it exactly so you are aware what will be expected of you on admission to your choice of gay rehab.

12 step residential treatment centers do have gender specific programmes available to be utilised once the client seeking help expresses this choice.

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