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12 Step Treatment Centres a modern definitive guide displaying rehabilitation centres using the 12 model as a form of treatment. We are based in the UK and have registered many addiction treatment facilities worldwide since we began. This now includes all forms of residential clinics, detox facilities, substance abuse drop in services and sober living homes type accommodation. We have tried to include all the relevant information you will need to assist you in making your decision. Which service do you need to choose to assist you find a new life living free from active addiction.

This guide is aimed at providing an informative resource to people searching for help for either themselves or other family members. The guide allows facilities registered to display work positions available and a detailed description of the service provided. This will help those seeking ongoing recovery make an informed decision about what service will be most suitable.

Having A Display

If you are a treatment provider and would like your service displayed on our guide do get in touch. We have various forms of listings to help your facility appear with other treatment providers in your area.

12 Step Treatment Centres

Article Section & Feedback

There is also an articles section on the guide that contains relevant information about all forms addictions and treatment methods. We also encourage registered services to place articles of relevance to what is available when entering their treatment facility.

Through the feedback we have received since first launching we have added other services to our guide. This is due to the fact that our traffic is not only from those seeking 12 Step Rehabilitation centres. We receive a vast amount of traffic finding us when searching for all forms of treatment or rehabilitation information.

By offering a cross section of treatment services we hope more will find a way out of active addiction

Diverse Services Available

  • Christian / Charitable services, Counsellor Training, Counsellors,
  • Day Programmes, Detox centres, Drop in Centres,
  • Family Counselling , Eating Disorder Treatment, Interventions,
  • Non 12 Step Treatment, Online Rehab / Referral Services, Dry Houses,
  • Sober Living Homes and Young People Services.

The guide is able to assist anyone seeking help, plus those needing any of the above mentioned services to deal with any addiction related problem.

Here at 12 Step Treatment we believe the more information available the better informed a decision can be made.

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Cancellation Policy

Your page on the guide may be cancelled at anytime prior to going live on the internet, and a refund will be given.


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