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Spanish Drug Rehab / Spanish Treatment Centre
We know itís genetic, those who have a ďpropensityĒ to alcoholism fall into two groups.

From a general psychiatrists study done some 20 years ago, it was found that about 35% of the population fall into the category of being addictive or obsessive by nature. They can be addicted to anything work, success, sport, physical fitness and they are very emotionally strung people. This is the first genetic stage process.

They are often very successful in business and choose professions that breeds satisfaction within oneself to a higher degree than normal people, captains of industry, actors, pop stars, bankers lawyers and so on. Once these people experience the release of feeling that alcohol gives them, for a percentage of these there is no return.

The second gene, has been identified and is specific to the alcoholic. When you compare the character traits of the alcoholic they clearly identify with those who fit into the fist genetic process.

Spanish Drug Rehab / Spanish Treatment Centre
This secondary genetic process theorises when alcohol is detected in the bloodstream it interrupts the brains ability to deliver the correct message, to the liver and pancreas that supply the enzyme necessary to break alcohol down correctly. Those affected will only provide between 85% down to 50% of the enzyme than that of normal people.

The results are that over time, the enzyme production system degrades from itís original production rate it never gets better. This causes two problems:

1. It allows the by-products of alcohol to remain in the body far longer than normal interrupting the chemical balance in the brain.

2. It increases the tolerance level to alcohol so significantly, that alcoholics can drink sufficient amounts in 10 hours that would put most normal people in a coma.

This production rate of enzyme also answers the question of whether you become an alcoholic at 15 or 50.

People will question why at some point they were able to drink normally, itís because they probably produced as much as 85% of the enzyme in the beginning of your drinking history. For those who are addicted earlier they probably only produced 50% of the enzyme.

Donít think that a liver transplant will help either, the signal is from the brain and not the liver as our good friend George Best proved.

The chemical reaction in the brain to the derivatives of alcohol, is also responsible for the craving medium and late stage alcoholics get when they pick up that first drink. This craving can almost be compared to an allergic reaction that causes the brain to over produce specific chemicals that absorb the chemical of alcohol very quickly.

Spanish Drug Rehab / Spanish Treatment Centre
For the ex-pat community living in Spain alcoholism can cover a number of factors from boredom to being unfulfilled, the range of reasons for becoming addicted to alcohol is massive and is responsible for at least 30% of the ex-pat community. It is also heredity and will be passed on through the family tree.

Most of the ex-pat community may not know they are drinking alcoholically, or they do and donít wish to do anything about it until medical problems and interference with the family ensue.

As for treatment, the only successful method of treatment is the 12 Step programme. Since itís conception on June 10th 1935 to the publication of the Big Book in 1939 millions of people have found recovery and a new life.

The problem with treatment is that most rehabs are reluctant to give educational instruction of the full 12 Step programme, they tend to stop at step 3 or 4 and the client has to face life on the outside with very little knowledge.

Because of this lack of knowledge, the chance of relapse is very high and most treatment centres work on a recovery ratio of 20%. Only those who complete the full 12 Steps in treatment, have a strong chance of remaining in recovery.

As a recovered alcoholic myself of many years sobriety, who has studied alcoholism both medically and psychiatrically for years and a counsellor. Serenity House rehab has had pleasure in passing on the knowledge and gift of recovery and sobriety to over 200 ex-pats in Spain and throughout Europe.

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